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Barcode Labels as Art

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Headline News - Barcodes win
Art Awards!
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    Can you imagine winning
an award at Cannes for a barcode design?
Well, the Japanese designers at Design Barcode did just that. The agency won the Titanium Lion award for their creative take on the lowly barcode label. Ever wonder why the barcode has never changed? It has looked like a utilitarian solution to logistics, shipping and tracking needs for business for years, but they thought outside the box and created some award winning art at the same time. Instead of just telling the barcode reader what it needs to, why can't your barcode labels be a branding opportunity too?     barcode labels winner
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This innovative idea has caught on quite
well and their talents are in high demand by companies around the world. The visuals are integrated into the barcode labels design by using the ends of the vertical lines and the edges of the readable area to create playful images that relate to the business that is using the barcoding. Much study had to go into the standards that were acceptable for use, and to create a process that would introduce a design into the code without interfering with the usability.

The most important function of the barcode, enabling the product or package to be scanned properly is foremost in the designers criteria for new designs. That requires extensive testing of every design before the barcode labels can be released for use. There is no need to create a new barcode number for the new designs, the original product number is used for the new designs. is not afliliated with the producers of these labels, does not endorse them nor do we imply that we have had any part in creating these designs. This news story is only meant to educate, entertain and inform our visitors and customers.

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So, now just because your barcoding needs to be functional does not mean that it can't be visually interesting at the same time. Advertising messaging can be achieved with this new twist on the barcode labels. Imagine the possibilities, they really are endless. The creatives should stay busy for some time
to come making barcodes that are way past the boring standards we have seen for so long. Who ever thought the word "aesthetics" and "barcode labels" would be used together!




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