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Try our high quality Direct Thermal Labels and see how much you can save on your barcode labels and shipping label printing costs. Stop paying more for brand name labels like Zebra Labels, Datamax Direct Thermal Labels, Saco Direct Thermal Labels and Intermec Direct Thermal Labels - our completely compatible direct thermal labels will work with whatever printer that you have.     Direct Thermal Labels -
The economical, easy to use label solution. No ribbons, ink or toners!

UPrintLabels.com offers a full range of choices for Direct Thermal Labels in widths ranging from 1" to 4" and depths from .875" to 8". Perforated labels are rolled on 1" or 3" cores depending on your specifications and are always a full 8" in diameter, allowing for the maximum number of blank thermal labels on every roll. When you compare prices per label you will find that UPrintLabels.com will save you money every time! And we love to make it easy for you to order, you won't have to wade through page after page of products to find what you are looking for. Our easy to navigate Direct Thermal Labels listings should show you just what you need. Hopefully you will soon be a UPrintLabels.com customer.

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See for yourself how much you can save over the higher priced direct thermal labels like Zebra labels and brand name blank labels.  
Our Versatile Direct Thermal Labels
work on virtual any printer just as good as the name brand labels, while delivering a substantial savings to you.
fits all direct thermal printers
Our Compare & Save Section has real examples of how our blank labels price compares with the competition
The printer used with direct thermal labels requires no ribbons to create the imaging. Printing of direct thermal labels uses no ink, ribbons or toner. The process uses heat, just as the thermal transfer printer does - but instead of transferring the image via the heated ribbon, it reacts with the treated paper to create the image without a ribbon. The coating on the paper of our direct thermal labels is chemically treated to blacken when it reacts with the thermal printhead. Direct thermal labels are more sensitive to heat, light and wear which makes them less durable than the thermal transfer labels. But for many applications, direct thermal labels are perfect for the job and since the system is less costly to use - these labels are is widespread use for barcode labels, shipping labels and identification labeling.
A simpler design makes printing thermal labels easy and economical to use. Most mobile printers use direct thermal technology and provide an adequate lifespan to satisfy many labeling needs such as receipts, ticket printing, shipping labels, visitor passes and badges and certain barcoding jobs as well.
Thermal labels that are direct printed may fade over time or the material may darken after exposure to light and heat making the direct thermal labels unsuitable for long life uses. However, direct thermal labels will easily last 6 or more months in a warehouse and still remain scannable, so many companies will decide on a system based entirely on their unique label requirements.
Our bright white thermal sensitive label paper is perfect for virtually all thermal printers in the market and provides an economical and versatile labeling system. A high quality general purpose adhesive is coated on the back of our thermal sensitive paper and the labels are backed with a strong coated paper carrier.
  We make sure that you get the most labels per roll, that is why every standard roll that we sell is the full 5" or 8" diameter. Sure we can make smaller rolls if you need them, but when comparing prices make sure that you look at our low price per label.  


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