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Our shipping label rolls are always wound to a full 5" or 8" diameter, giving you the most labels per roll possible. When comparing pricing on shipping labels it is always best to use a price per label index. Many blank label providers sell rolls that have less labels and a smaller outside diameter, so don't be fooled by a low cost per roll! If you have a special need for smaller rolls just let us know, we can do that too.

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At UPrintLabels.com we hope to offer your company substantial savings on your blank shipping labels and barcode labels. Our label materials and adhesives are always of the highest standards and meet the requirements of the toughest shipping needs. Most businesses have in-house systems to print their shipping labels using blank rolls of shipping labels in various sizes.
Billions upon billions of shipping labels direct
all of the goods and materials that we purchase and consume as individuals and businesses. Every warehouse, trucking company, delivery service, retailer, manufacturer and distributor in the world depends on properly designed and printed system of shipping labels to identify and move the products that our world depends on. This becomes a predictable expense for companies, but there may be room for savings even in this "must have" commodity of business logistics.
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blank shipping labels At UPrintLabels.com we can convert our high quality, high bond adhesive label stock into whatever size individual shipping labels that your company needs. You don't need to pay high prices for brand name Zebra labels, Datamax labels, Saco labels or Intermec labels any more - simply choose the type and size label you need from our easy to order product pages and start enjoying savings on your blank shipping labels. We offer both Thermal Transfer Blank Labels (ribbon required) and Direct Thermal Blank Labels (no ribbon required). Marking your goods with shipping labels can make your packaging more effective and will guarantee proper handling and logistics during all warehousing and shipping processes. Inventory control and product delivery depends on effective use of shipping labels for many purposes.
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Printed labels usually include printed addressing, but many of our clients use a portion of the blank shipping label to include some branding too. Perhaps a small logo or a color scheme that identifies your label and company brand could be added to your blank shipping labels. This enhances the look to the recipient and adds that professional touch to your blank shipping labels.

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Here (above) you see our freshly converted blank labels receiving a horizontal green stripe that includes the company logo and return address. The majority of the shipping label remains blank, but the special touch of the company branding makes packages with printed labels instantly recognizable while adding to brand recognition.

Color-coded or striped labels can fulfill a number of specific uses and to help with many organizational functions. Many corporations have color specific product type designations, inventory control methods, date of manufacture or point of origin information that can be instantly recognized from a distance by using blank shipping labels that are colored. We can produce blank labels in virtual any colors that you need which then can be custom printed at your facility using your thermal transfer or direct thermal label printers. color-coded blank shipping labels
discount blank labels Shipping labels not only designate destination and origination information, many corporations print blank shipping labels with specific information such as fragile labels, directional arrow labels to avoid breakage, hazardous labels to comply with legal shipping requirements, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) labels, caution and warning labels, perishable date sensitive labels, international shipping labels, packing list labeling, invoice enclosed labeling, bill of lading labels, FedEx shipping labels and UPS shipping labels, DOT labels, Made in USA labels, rush labels, etc. The ways that blank shipping labels can be used to facilitate a smooth flow of products is only limited by your individual needs. But one thing is for sure, at UPrintLabels we can provide you with a dependable supply of blank shipping labels, color-coded labels or custom printed labels to fit your system.


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